Under the Sea - Restored Hatchet

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The "Under the Sea" mermaid illustration is hand-drawn and wood burned into this re-hung and restored Plumb head hatchet with leather sheath. Ready and willing to split kindling at the campsite or fireside at the cabin.

Each hatchet we restore has a cleaned-up and sharpened head. It has been re-hung with a new hickory handle, wooden wedge and metal cleat. Tool handles naturally loosen over time and can become dangerous. Please inspect tool before every use to ensure safety.

This is a hatchet. It is pretty and it cuts stuff. Be careful.

• Restored Plumb Hatchet
• Includes leather sheath
• Hand-Drawn & Wood Burned Design & Painted Design
• Restored head with Polished Edge
• Oval Hickory Handle with oil finish
• 4" Blade, Overall Length 14"
• Overall Weight 2lb 12oz

• Made In USA


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