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"American Elm" - Woodcut Print
"American Elm" - Woodcut Print
"American Elm" - Woodcut Print
"American Elm" - Woodcut Print
"American Elm" - Woodcut Print
"American Elm" - Woodcut Print

"American Elm" - Woodcut Print

$ 80.00

This is a limited run of 100 hand-pulled woodcut relief prints directly from the section of a downed American Elm tree aged 32 years. It was felled across the road from the house I grew up in. We moved into the house right about the same year this tree started life. These prints are hand-pulled rubbings and will have slight variations. Each will be signed on the front and numbered, signed and dated on the back.  

Note: If you wish to purchase a specific print number please message about availability. Otherwise you will receive the next one in the run.

• Hand-pulled relief print
• Limited Edition of 100
• Black print on white paper 
• Paper size: 22” x 22”
• Print Size: Roughly 17" x 17"
• Paper: Acid free Thick paper

You know what, we need more trees in this world.
With that in mind one tree will be planted for every treecut print sold on the HVRNT website to do our part in making this world a bit greener. I don't want to make a big fuss or anything. Let's just plant some trees! And if you feel like doing a bit more - google tree planting donations and find a good organization to donate money towards planting some trees. A little bit goes quite a long ways.


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