Our wheelhouse is creating rockin' content for your brand.


Sorry we will not shoot your wedding. Maybe a kick-ass party, but probably not. Don't freak out, we're not saying we're not into weddings, it's just not our game. Our game is shooting photography for brands who need content for their website, advertising or social media.

We focus on, but are not limited to: product, travel, lifestyle and storytelling photography.


Is that even art? Totally, but think more prison-tattoo than Monet(or is it Manet - who the hell cares? We don't...) Just give us a project with a mythical sea-serpent or tattoo'd mermaid and we'd be chuffed. As long as it doesn't end up on a plate on the wall of Aunt Edna's chin-sty sitting room...oh wait that could be cool…

We focus on, but are not limited to: brand identity, logo, apparel, print, product packaging, and promotional materials design.


Occasionally we do Instagram and Facebook and that other one with the blue bird-y icon. And by sometimes, we really mean: all-the-dang-time. We can help grow and engage your following (not in a creepy way). I mean all it really comes down to is showing folks how cool you are as a brand. 

We focus on, but are not limited to: social media management and email strategy.


Don't be shy... say 'hello'.