There was a glorious time in history when fur trading gentlemen with gnarly beards ventured deep into the wilds of North America to procure high end goods desired by civilized culture around the world. The word ‘Hivernant’ is french for ‘winterer’, and was the title earned by a french fur trader once he graduated to spending a winter out in the wild places. Hivernant was a title of pride, respect and status among these men. 

"Hivernant" = HVRNT



We don't expect you to believe that we've spent a winter out in a canvas tent somewhere. Although we are based in Minnesota, sooo...well, we do all start wearing shorts when the temperature creeps up to 45 degrees. No really...it's part of the Minnesota MySpace page...it's not? well, it should be.

THE TEAM: Like a proper sea-monster: two heads are way better than one...

Zak Fellman has the gnarly beard, fine art/writing degree, and mad skillz at getting caught in the rain.

Alyson Ogren has the adventurous spirit, advertising/photography degree and knack for way too many details.

We both have an affinity for quality goods, a love for the ridiculous and have trouble sitting on our butts for too long. Together we make a great team with the hustle to craft exceptional goods and produce top-notch creative content.



...sometimes for folks.

Let us handle the creative side of your next project. We can photograph your sweet gear in epic locales(no really you can totally pay us to go to Hawaii and photograph your board shorts on a helicopter hanging over the ocean), illustrate a Bigfoot driven adventure truck for your next t-shirt line or design a rad poster for your next fanny-pack owner's club party. 

We specialize in art, photography and design: Check out our Services Page.

...sometimes with folks.

Let's collaborate on something, as long as you pinky-swear that it will be totally fun. 

...sometimes all on our own.

We make things from time-to-time. Especially if it involves a blow-torch...       

Our current lineup of goods can be found in the shop section of this very rad website. We dabble in drawing, printmaking, hatchet restoration, wood-burning illustration and t-shirt design. Oh, and probably have something new brewing most days...